My first attempt…how in the world do I publish this?!

This blog is my first attempt at writing publicly.   I have kept a journal for years, and I usually end up writing on days when I really need to vent, am worried about something, or need to confess something.  Lately, I have this urge to write– not just about those things that bother me, but about lots of stuff.  Sometimes the stuff means something just to me, sometimes it is political, or spiritual, and  sometimes I can’t go to sleep until it’s written down.
I am a self-proclaimed amateur artist.  I love music…all kinds.  I even studied it in college.  I appreciate art–not as much as I love music, but I appreciate how much people can do with art.  (My art usually looks like a 3rd grader drew it.)  I dabbled in The Arts through several means of expression: singing (in a choir), instrumental music (french horn), and the art of teaching.   Because I dabble in these media, I see myself as a “Jack of all trades,” or an “Amateur Artist.”
I work in a Children’s Museum where I get to express myself every day.  I enjoy my job because I am constantly learning new things!  My work allows me to teach  The Arts, Science, and Culture.  I have also learned  about people and how to work with them, which is another thing I enjoy.
I must admit, I have been considering starting a blog for some time now. I have dragged my feet on this, as I am extremely apprehensive.  I have been quite concerned about the following things:
1.  This is yet ANOTHER thing to add to my already busy schedule, and the LAST thing I need now is another “hobby.”
2.  Once it I have written and published it, I can’t un-write it.
3.  How exciting is my life that I feel a need to write about it?  Are people REALLY going be interested in my mundane, unexciting life?  and How will I keep this from shocking my mother? 🙂
I also know NOTHING about blogging.  I have set this up and changed it 4 times already.  Well, here goes–wish me luck!