Now What Do We Do?

Friends, there’s something crazy to complain about in this world every day. We have something new to be angry about every single day. People are idiots, and our country is full of them! I feel like we would all agree on that.
You know I love you, but really now? Where do some of you get these crackpot websites?  You have found so many conspiracy theories, fake news sites, alternative facts and 1/2 truths that I struggle with discerning the truth. And, as any Gen Xer knows, your truth isn’t my truth, and that’s ok.
I don’t share my disdain for politics on my social media platforms, but I do share my passion (ok, with the exception of  educational policies). You are doing the same. But, whether you are passionate about protesting, praising, or praying for our country, I can’t help but think there are better ways we can spend our time. And no matter what you’re doing, always pray. Always.
So how do we REALLY make America great again?!  I have no control over the economy, or policies and mandates that have been put into place with the stroke of pen, so here’s my  suggestion on how to make our little corner of America great again:
Angry about what’s going on in Washington? Start campaigning! You have less than 2 years to find the perfect candidates to represent you in Congress, and less than 1400 days to find someone who can run against President Trump and win.
Angry about refugees who don’t have a home? 15 refugee families just relocated to MURFREESBORO! They each need 5 Rover passes, jobs, housing, and food. (The group working with them also need clothes hangers and racks to sort the clothes from the clothing drive.)
Angry about women’s rights being violated? Every day– Creeps drive women through this area on their way to all kinds of horrible places to be trafficked, sold into slavery, and prostitution. Right here in Murfreesboro there are women and families spending the night in churches and temporary shelters. These ladies need the basics–like food, shelter, a place to take a shower and do laundry. They even need soap and detergent. These are basic things we take for granted each day. I never considered taking a shower a luxury, until I saw a woman taking a birdie bath in a parking garage bathroom in Chicago. Contact the Domestic Violence Program, Way of Hope, or Stepping Stones Safe Haven to volunteer. These women are very grateful for whatever you do for them, and some of their stories are amazing.
Marching for life? The United Way is taking up donations for their annual Community Baby Shower from 10-1 on February 11. This program allows expectant mothers to network with each other and attend classes on health and wellness. Each mom will get much needed baby supplies.
Do you want to protest about the lack of federal funding for housing?  Journey Home always needs help feeding the homeless that come to them each and every day! Contact Amber or Sandra from the Experience Church to see if you can help serve breakfast at Old Fort Park on Sundays. Or, Jason with the Murfeesboro Cold Patrol would appreciate donations and volunteers to hand out supplies or help on the Coldest Nights Shelters. Or Brad to help give out tarps, tents, sleeping bags and health packages on Sundays at the park.
Are you angry about the wall? Help tear down the language barrier by becoming a tutor with Read To Succeed to teach an immigrant how to read and speak English.
Angry about possibly losing public funding for education? They are going to need you more than ever! Schools need lunch buddies, readers, and classroom helpers to support our kids and teachers in local schools.
This only scratches the surface! There are so many other ways to Make Rutherford County even greater (we’re already great)–Greenhouse Ministries, Smyrna Heart of Grace, Smyrna Food Bank, Big Brothers and Big Sisters, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Discovery Center, Volunteer Rutherford, local food pantries, and United Way. And, there are so many more! I love this community and what we do for each other every day.
So friends, take your anger to the streets! Remember, until you participate in making the world a better place, nothing will change.

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